Blog8 - Common Causes of Spider Veins in the Face
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Common Causes of Spider Veins in the Face

Most people are concerned about their physical appearance, especially their face. They spend money and time in maintaining their good looks. Men and women invest in skin care products and makeup to always look handsome and beautiful. For some, plastic surgery is the solution. According to World Health Organization, more than 230 million people undergo […]

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What are the acne herbal supplements?

At times what happens is, no matter how much you take care of the skin and prevent from indulging in anything that could bring about the skin condition Acne, it still comes about. Feelings of frustration then are hard to deal with and all the stress just makes the condition worse and more pimples are […]

Blog7 - How to Treat and Manage Pulmonary Embolism?
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How to Treat and Manage Pulmonary Embolism?

Pulmonary Embolism is a life-threatening condition that is commonly caused by a blood clot in the lungs. The blood clot restricts blood flow and decreases oxygen levels in the blood which will affect other organs in the body. According to Mayo Clinic, one-third of people who have pulmonary embolism dies because of not providing immediate […]

Blog5 - The Benefits of Compression Therapy
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The Benefits of Compression Therapy

Varicose veins are among the common problems of adults, especially women. Basically, they do not look attractive in legs and thighs, but they are commonly not benign and do not require treatment. However, it is recommendable that you take preventive measures to avoid developing varicose veins in some parts of your body in the future. […]

Blog4 - Understanding the Causes of Varicose Veins

Understanding the Causes of Varicose Veins

One of the most bothering things that keep your legs from being flawless is varicose veins. They appear as snake-like bulges in the legs and in the thighs. According to a study, around 25% of all adults develop varicose veins. They are usually dark purple or blue in color. But you may be wondering, how […]

Blog3 - Venous Disease and Its Different Categories

Venous Disease and Its Different Categories

It is our primary duty to take care of our health. Being healthy means having a healthy mind, heart, and everything that makes up our body, including our veins. Veins are responsible for carrying blood from the body toward the heart. Without these veins, our blood will not circulate well which will affect our total […]

Blog1 - What is Pulmonary Embolism?

What is Pulmonary Embolism?

Our veins play a vital role in carrying blood towards our heart. However, there are certain complications that threaten our veins. One of these is Pulmonary Embolism. According to the Vascular Disease Foundation, 100,000 to 180,000 Americans die due to pulmonary embolism every year. Thus, they urge the people, especially women to learn about the […]