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Common Causes of Spider Veins in the Face

Most people are concerned about their physical appearance, especially their face. They spend money and time in maintaining their good looks. Men and women invest in skin care products and makeup to always look handsome and beautiful. For some, plastic surgery is the solution.

According to World Health Organization, more than 230 million people undergo plastic surgery every year worldwide. Last 2016, Americans spent more than $16 billion on cosmetic surgeries. Most of them are adults who experience wrinkles, skin pigmentation and spider veins in the face.

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, 50 to 55% of women complain about spider veins in their face. Spider veins are smaller veins that appear in various parts of the body, especially in the face. They are usually red, purple and blue in color and are twisted and turned.

What Causes Spider Veins on Your Face?

There are various factors that cause the appearance of spider veins in your face. They usually appear around the nose or under the eyes.

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As people grow older, the veins and skin in the face tend to weaken which makes the appearance of spider veins visible. Aging affects the function of the capillaries which make them weak and broken. These damaged capillaries will manifest in the face.


According to Dr. Peter Lawrence, around 40% of the world population experience spider veins. Unhealthy lifestyle is a major culprit of their appearance. This includes eyestrain, insomnia, lack of exercise and most especially, stress.

Free Radicals

Too much sun exposure can weaken and damage the veins and capillaries which result to spider veins. Smoking, the major cause of premature aging affects the arteries and veins. Pollution and exposure to toxic substances contribute to spider veins.

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Rosacea is a skin disease that causes redness and pimple outbreak in the face. Prolonged irritation or inflammation of the skin promotes spider veins. Apart from rosacea, eczema and other skin conditions can contribute to the appearance of spider veins.

Venous Deficiency

Lastly, venous disease is considered the most common cause of spider veins. Venous deficiency is caused by a poor blood flow in the veins which damages the valves and vessel walls. The underlying causes of venous deficiency include blood clot formation, obesity, hypertension and more.

How to Remove Spider Veinson the Face?

Fortunately, there are medical procedures available to remove the spider veins on your face.


In this procedure, the surgeon will inject a chemical solution into the affected veins. The solution will close the veins and will redirect the blood to healthier veins. After a few weeks, the spider veins will gradually fade.

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Laser Surgery

Another procedure that does not involve cutting or injecting is through laser surgery. The surgeon will use laser light energy to burn the veins. Spider veins will instantly fade or disappear.

However, if you do not have a budget, prevention is always better than cure. Perform facial exercises to promote proper blood circulation in your face. Also, proper nutrition is a must.